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Crawfish & Gumbo Cook Off!

  • SpindleTap Brewery 10622 Hirsch Road Houston, TX, 77016 United States (map)

Register to compete, or come to taste!

Winners get cash prize!

Saturday, April 14th from 12-4pm

Set-up for contestants is from 8am -11am

Team Registration is Free.

Pre-Sale Tasting Fee is $6/person (access to the cook off and tasting for all booths) through Eventbrite.

At the Door Tasting Fee is $10/person (access to the cook off and tasting for all booths)

Email or call (713)325-1477 for more information.

TEAM REGULATIONS - Teams are encouraged to decorate their team spot, wear team t-shirts, aprons, caps, and hang banners. Each team spot will be 12’x12’. You are allowed to register for more than one spot or entry. Each team is responsible for their own equipment and utensils to boil and serve crawfish/gumbo. Each team is required to have a working FIRE EXTINGUISHER in your cooking area that meets federal & state standards & regulations. Propane/fuel tanks shall be in good working condition, within code per federal & state standards & regulations.

WATER SUPPLY & WATER STATIONS – SpindleTap Brewery will provide a water supply, purging station, and draining stations. Water is only to be drained in these designated areas. This will be strictly enforced. (No dumping in team spot)Teams are encouraged to bring additional water for usage at your team’s spot.

CLEANLINESS & CLEAN-UP STANDARDS - Each team is responsible for the cleaning & handling of trash at their designated cook-off spot(s). Team spot(s) must be cleaned up at the end of the event. All trash must be removed from cook-off spot(s). All tents, equipment, chairs, ice chests, etc. must be removed from cook-off spot(s). Cook-off spot(s) are required to look like you found it – EMPTY.

JUDGING INFORMATION - Entry fee entitles teams to enter Gumbo & Boiled Crawfish competitions. Entry containers will be passed out one hour prior to judging. All judging will be blind. Entries will be judged based on a certain criteria & points are given for each criterion then added together for a final entry score. Please note that your entry will need to feed 7 judges.

GUMBO: A 20 oz. foam cup will be provided. Fill the cup ¾ full with NO RICE. Judging will be based on taste, ingredients, roux, aroma and appearance.

CRAWFISH: Crawfish must be boiled. Spices and seasonings can be added before, during and after boil, but garnish will not be allowed to be placed in container. It is recommended 21 crawfish be placed in pan (3 crawfish per judge). Judging will be based on appearance, peeling factor, flavor, texture, and overall appeal.